Click here to see the video – Merry Christmas from the Moyas – SD 480p


As times change, so do traditions.  So here is our video to take the place of the holiday cards. People in town have gone all out with their Christmas decorations this year, so, especially during this quarantine-kind-of-year we thought we’d share our neighborhood tour with all of you.  Merry Christmas – Happy Hanukkah 2020 and Happy New Year, 2021. 

Begins with House #1: Santa in the Window

00:27 – House #2: Covid Can’t Stop Christmas & The Grinch Who Stole Toilet Paper

1:20 – House #3: The Peanut’s Christmas & More

1:54 House #4: A Christmas Story & More

5:58 House #5: Synchronized Lights & Music

9:40 House #6: Lights & Animation & Music

17:40 House #7: A Winter Wonderland

18:55 So Long & Happy New Year 2021!

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