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I love adventures, both physical and cerebral. When I am unable to go physically exploring, I go on intellectual expeditions. For me, this generally equates to hunting for the truth on some particular topic. 

Because I grew up in a Washington, DC suburb and because of the type of family I was born into, the two most common themes in my life have been secrets and untruths. My natural response to this has always been to search for the truths behind the falsehoods and believe me, it’s almost always an adventure. 

Some Background

I published my first website, Straight Inc. Survivors, on April 20, 2000. During my research on the controversial Straight, Inc program, I began to uncover numerous other programs that operated using similar ‘folk-therapy’ methods. As I continued to dig, I discovered many intertwined for-profit businesses that worked together to deceive parents and that, intentionally or not, caused great harm to many of the individuals and families they purported to help.

Even though I didn’t set out to be an advocate twenty years ago, I felt a responsibility to shine light on these dangerous and deceptive practices once I became aware of them. So in 2005, I developed a website called Fight Institutional Child Abuse . It was on this website that I coined the term Troubled Teen Industry (TTI) to group these similar and cooperative businesses together, and to reveal that they are not behavioral health care facilities.

It was rewarding to see the work on my website attract attention from all over the U.S. and from other countries, as well as help start a movement to fight institutional child abuse, which culminated in U.S. Congressional hearings to try to bring some kind of licensure or regulations to this industry.

However today, there are and numerous formal organizations that have formed to continue the work of trying to bring rationality and regulations to this industry, so while I’ll always have one eye on the TTI, I have decided to focus on other topics such as healing from abusive experiences and promoting lifelong personal growth and development, through my writing. 


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