Social Science you can use in daily life.

Broadly, this website covers topics related to societies, cultures, social institutions, interpersonal relationships, and individual behavior within these groups.

You will find stories about individuals who have faced adversity and have risen above their difficulties to continue on their journeys of living their most authentic lives.

You will also find evidence-based information from the social sciences that you can use in your everyday life.

The mission of this website is to inspire and empower readers who want to make learning and personal growth a lifetime endeavor.

Each day is a new opportunity to learn more, grow stronger, and live better. Personal growth is a lifelong journey.



Kathy Moya is a social science enthusiast who loves adventures of both the physical and cerebral kinds. When she is not physically exploring the world, she is usually on an intellectual expedition looking to uncover yet another new perspective on some aspect of the human society.

Because of where she grew up (in the Washington, DC metro area), and because of the type of family she grew up in, the two most common themes in her life have been secrets and untruths. She knows from life experience that things are rarely what they appear to be. So being naturally curious, she often goes on fact finding missions to learn what really lies beneath the various illusions in our world, which she finds is almost always an adventure.

While earning her degree in psychology, Kathy learned about a large gap that existed between the important research that takes place in the social sciences and getting that information disseminated to the general public. So with her love of both the social sciences and multi-media related communications she hopes to use this platform to help narrow that gap.


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